Boussignac CPAP Kit with Mask (4 sizes)

Product code: 5562.313

-1 CPAP device
-1 fixation harness
-1 face mask (4 sizes)
-code 5562.313 (pediatric)
-code 5562.413 (adult – small)
-code 5562.513 (adult – medium)
-code 5562.613 (adult – large)

Device for respiratory assistance for patients breathing spontaneously. Compatible with all face masks, endotracheal tubes and tracheostomy tubes. This is an open system. Pressure is generated by the injection of oxygen passing through micro-capillaries which increase the speed and create turbulence therefore creating a "virtual valve". The CPAP device has two ports: a green one with integral oxygen connecting tube and a translucent colorless port for:
-monitoring pressure 
-monitoring CO2
-adding oxygen

  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains products of animal or biological origin: No

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